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Varnish for candles is a specialized glossy coating that performs a number of functions. First of all it provides a noble look of the finished product. It makes its surface straight , smooth, shiny, leaves no lumps, contributes to its long storage.

It is worth noting that the high-quality varnish for candles which you can buy in the online shop "Yscandles" it does not have a strong or sharp smell. It is non-toxic so it does not emit harmful substances during heating or sudden temperature changes. It is made on water-base, using acrylic or paraffin. It does not have any shade it allows to emphasize the colors and shades saturation of a candle. For its direct application you can use a brush in addition of it can be poured into a container to dip the candle entirely.

Our shop specializing in candles manufacture - is an excellent opportunity to quickly pick up a coating that will give your finished products an attractive appearance. It prolongs candles service life, makes them safe, suitable for transportation and repeated using. In addition the varnish allows you to keep the flavor smell that you used.

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