Plastic molds for carved star candles

Plastic molds for carved star candles

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In order to manufacture the attractive, smooth and unusual candle you should use special forms. With their help you can significantly speed up the candle manufacture time and be sure that the result will exceed all expectations. Why plastic mold is a good for candles? Plastic mold for candles is a great solution both for beginners and for people who long time have manufactured such products. This material is stable, unpretentious in care, so that the plastic version is considered the most optimal and suitable for manufacture the candles. In addition, when choosing the shape for a candle it is necessary to take into account such nuances: · Wall thickness. It should be enough to avoid cracking during sudden changes in temperature conditions. · Universality. Candles are manufactured from paraffin, wax and other compounds so a good mold should contact with any of these compounds without any consequences. · The hole presence in the cover for removing the wick will ensure the creation of a better product. Please note that the shape of a decorative candle can be absolutely different you can use the most created and non-standard combinations. Carved candles look extremely unusual. For them special "Star" forms are used which allow to obtain volumetric and multifaceted products. Mostly these candles are used as a decorative element in interior decoration or for thematic celebrations, for example, New Year's Day or Easter. One of the most striking examples of forms for carved candles is the "Star". It is incredibly spectacular, catchy and gives the opportunity to receive a candle that will conquer the delicious festive appearance. But the forms for church candles (which you can also buy in our shop) are usually more traditional and presented in the form of simple geometric shapes, rounded or graphical. Another popular direction in the candles manufacture is candles for the wedding with their own by hand. Usually they are performed in a romantic theme, in light colors. These can be pigeons or angels and flower compositions are also popular. Order candle molds in the online shop "Hendmade candle" The range of our candle molds is amazing with its variety. We have everything so that you can create candles by hand at home. At the same time each product is differed by irreproachable quality, durability and ease of handling. We cooperate with leading suppliers who represent excellent products that meet all standards and requirements. Our molds for candles will be used for a really long time. They are practical, attractive in appearance, characterized by resistance to deformations and other mechanical damages, are suitable for reusable using. Your passion for creativity will reach a new level with them. Therefore choose the appropriate option as soon as possible and form an order. 

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