Buy Candle Wax Melter and Heater | 6 Square WORKS WITHOUT WATER
Plastic molds for carved star candles

Best Candle Making Supplies: WORKS WITHOUT WATER, Wax Heater. 6 mini Square Dipping Tanks

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NEW !!! (works without water) Equipment for the manufacture of candles 6 buckets

We offer you mini equipment for the manufacture of carved candles.

This equipment can be made of both galvanized and stainless steel.
The advantages of this equipment are that:
1) Not big size.
2) It takes up very little space.
3) Not a big price.
4) Perfect for your hobby
4) It works without water.
5) Quick payback
6) Affordable price
7) High quality

You can change the number of buckets in the equipment, perhaps according to your desire. bucket dimensions - 5 × 5 х 8  inches (130 × 130 × 200 mm) The bucket capacity is 2.2 Lb  (2 kg) of paraffin. The equipment is equipped with an Italian heating element with a thermostat with which you can regulate the heating temperature. The equipment has good thermal insulation. Thanks to this, you save energy. The equipment is easy to carry, so you can participate in events, exhibitions, fairs. The kit includes: sticks for mixing paraffin, hooks for candles 6 pcs. Thermometer for monitoring wax temperature. You can order additional buckets. Instructions for use. 1 year hardware warranty!

You can make a carved candle up to 4.7 inches (12 cm) in size and weighing 150-220 grams.

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