Equipment for 6 buckets Cink Steel

Equipment for 6 buckets Cink Steel

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Wax Hands Machine, Wax Hand Equipment 6 buckets
This equipment is a novelty in the market. Wax handles are gaining popularity very quickly. Buying equipment you will be able to use it at various events, shows, masterclasses and so far. This equipment consists of two tanks between which there is a thermal insulation that preserves heat and does not let it fall off the wall of equipment The kit includes a tank, lid, rheostat, heating element, bucket supports, buckets measuring , designed for 5 kg of paraffin (6 pieces), Bucket made of stainless steel (6 pieces)  instructions for start-up and operation.
The seams of the equipment are soldered and treated with heat-resistant sealant. due to this they are not oxidized in contrast to soldered and make the construction easy and ensure the tightness of the tank. a special thermostat, which makes it possible to regulate the wax heating temperature.  Powered by a normal home network (110-220V). The heating element has a power of 2 kW. With continuous operation for 4 hours consumes an average of 300 to 500 watts. The structure is made of galvanized sheets.  Production equipment for your special order and delivery anywhere in the world
We can produce the equipment for your order of almost any size. The higher the equipment, the more the carved candle can be made. The more buckets in the equipment, the more color colors you can use to make candles.

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