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Best Candle Making Kit: 6 Mini Buckets, Wax, Molds, Dye

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Mini set-6 buckets

Looking for candle making supplies? We have candle making kits just you were searching for! With this set, you can make simply carved candles at home. It is a great decision for beginners, who are just starting their crafting.

This kit is a good choice for those, who want to create a candle with carved patterns and unusual elements. You can use each of this tools for a particular stage of candle crafting.

With this set you can make a candle with a height of no more (14 cm) 5.5 in

The complete set consists of:

  • 0,22 gallon of candle varnish.

  • 1 knife for carved candles. With its help, you can make airy details that resemble laces.

  • 1 mini wax warmer with 6 buckets for melting the candle base and filling the molds.

  • 1 set of knives for candle decoration.

  • 3 hexagonal star-molds of different sizes.

  • 6 colors of dyes to make a candle beautiful and unique.

  • 6 different knife-loops for making carved candles.

  • Wick 100 m (3937 inches) long.


Note: Our candle making supplies have a high-quality to all standards and requirements. It is made of safety materials. It does not need specific care, they are easy to clean.

Also, we have different kits as for beginner and for advanced candle crafters.

If you need more specific tools or supplies – contact us! We are open for suggestions and ready to help you with your choice!


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