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Best Huge Candle Making Kit: 12 Buckets, Wax, Molds, Dye

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Set of 12 buckets

How do you make candles? Are you using a specific candle making equipment? Or maybe you are searching for a professional tools for candle crafting? We know how to answer to all this questions in one time!

We glad to represent to you our huge candle making kit. It would be helpful for all fans of candle making, especially for advanced customers.

Each item of this kit can be used separately from one another.

The kit consists of:

  • 1 wax warmer with 12 big buckets for melting candle wax.

  • 1 knife for carved candle making.

  • 1 stand for candles.

  • 12 colors of dyes to make different variations of candle design.

  • 14 hexagonal star-molds of different sizes.

  • 2 additional buckets.

  • 2 octagonal star-molds.

  • 2 sets of knives for candle decoration.

  • 2 thin 6-sides molds.

  • 2 thin round molds.

  • 6 special knife-loops for carved candle making.

  • Wick 400 m (15748 inches) long.

Note: We produce only high-quality candle making tools. Our store guarantees the safety of all equipment. Each tool is easy to use and clean.

We have other items in our online store. Our kits are intended for home or advanced candle crafting.

Also, you may order the individual candle making supplies. Please, feel free to contact us for additional information.

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