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Best Candle Making Supplies: Water Wax Heater. 12 Square Dipping Tanks

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Equipment for 12 buckets

Getting to do a great master class? Dreaming about your own candle crafting classes?

We know, how can help you!

Our large candle water wax warmer, completed with 12 special buckets - is the better choice for you! With this tool you would bring all your designer ideas to life!

The complete set consists of:

  • big tank;

  • cover;

  • rheostat;

  • heating element;

  • buckets 7.8 x 7.8 x 13 inches;

  • usage instruction.

Every bucket can contain up to 176 oz of candle wax. It’s very easy to clean and use.

All seams of the device are treated with a sealant that protects this product from corrosion.

The outer part is treated with a layer of insulation material, 0.39 inches thick. Due to this, the device consumes not much energy.

This simple tool is equipped with a thermometer, so you can control the temperature of the wax during the crafting process.

With this candle water wax melter, you can make a candle up to 9.8 inches high.

This simple candle making machine can be the best purchase to make your mastery better in this kind of crafting.

Note: if you need other sizes of this item - you can do an individual order in our store!


Contact us for getting more information or help. We will be glad to help you with making your choice!

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