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Best Candle Making Supplies: Water Wax Heater. 8 Square Dipping Tanks

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Equipment for 8 buckets 

If you need to craft a lot of candles with a unique design, you should buy this candle wax warmer. We glad to represent new candle making tool. This machine can help you to get the highest level of mastery in this fascinating process. 

This supply can be useful on different seasonal fairs or master classes. You definitely should try to make your own candle crafting classes, using this tool.

This water wax warmer has power from 2 kW This tool can plug into 110V or 220V outlets. We can make this supply of zinc or galvanized stainless steel. This feature makes the tool robust and durable.

Each bucket holds 176 ounces of wax.

The device is equipped with a special thermometer, so you can control the melting point of the wax.

The more buckets you have in this kit, the more colors you can use in candle crafting!

This tool contains 8 buckets. With its help, you can make candles up to 9.8 inches high.

Isn’t it cool? Very simple manufacturing process brings a lot of joy to all our fans and customers!

Note: also you can order in our store other candle crafting tools of different sizes. Every item in our store is completed by usage instructions.

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