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Best Candle Making Supplies: Water Wax Heater. 6 Square Dipping Tanks

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Equipment for 6 buckets

Need to do many crafted candles with a unique design? Or you want to become best seller of well-designed candles in the city or even state?

Then you need our water wax melter right now! It’s a great buy for small business and crafting manufactures.

Our water wax heater has power from 2000 watt . It is possible due to a special heating element. That’s why it can plug into 110V or 220V outlets. Made of zinc or stainless steel, this machine can be used for many years. With its help, you can melt up to 176 oz of wax in every bucket.

The more buckets you have, the more colors you can use!

This item contains 6 such buckets. With this tool, you can make candles up to 9.8 inches high.

Isn’t it great? Simple crafting process brings a lot of joy to all our customers!

It works as a simple water bath. All you need is to fill bigger box by water and then put there 6 buckets with wax and dye.

All details are additionally treated with a special heat-resistant sealant (known as APP). Due to this, you will never have any leaks.

We have 5 years’ experience of making such candle making supplies. That’s why we guarantee a high quality of all constructions. Also, we care about the safety of our customers. We test all machines before selling them.

Note: also you may order other candle making tools of different sizes. We can made them of zinc or stainless steel.

Use the contact form on our site for more details.

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