About us

About company. Company's goal is to create a successful, partner, independent network in the world markets. Company's mission is to gradually develop the business of beginning entrepreneurs from a small retail outlet to a retail sales network. Business in the entertainment sphere is a unique business both for beginning businessmen and accomplished ones. The volume of the entertainment business market is growing every year by 12-13%. This means that this business brings in 12-13% more profit each year. For accomplished businessmen this is an excellent platform for creating a network of points. In comparison with other businesses the investment return is much faster due to high demand and relatively small start-up investments. Thus today it is an unique opportunity to occupy one of the most promising niches in your region. For beginning entrepreneurs business is excellent platform for starting a business. Minimal investments, high profitability, constant demand for the product provide record-breaking fast payback terms and profit. That is why interest in this direction is rapidly increasing every year. Having made preliminary calculations of profitability, young people are increasingly making decisions to work for themselves. Creation of a small enterprise allows beginning entrepreneurs to gain invaluable experience in personnel management and finances. It helps to apply the theoretical knowledge obtained at various trainings, books and practice, to realize your own potential and gain new knowledge and opportunities. Each partner of the company gets access to the full amount of information created by our team for 6 years of successful work. In 2012 "YSR Group" company which currently includes "YS Candles" company.  "YS Leather and YSR Trading.Began its activity from one retail point of sale in a small city with a population of just over 70 000 people. The company developed only at its own expense. Since 2015 the company was completely reoriented for its own production of equipment and other products. The decision to reorient the business was made after appearing a deficit of equipment of this kind. In 2018 several new names were added in the process of expanding the products range of the retail network. Now we have more than 20 equipment modifications for making candles and wax hands. Our advantages: - a wide range of equipment modifications; - the ability to buy a kit entirely or separately; - the ability to assemble your kit; - making the equipment by individual buyer's dimensions; - sale and delivery anywhere in the world in the shortest possible terms; - making and adaptation different countries of equipment under voltage on 220 V and 110 V (USA, Canada, Japan); - low cost in comparison with other suppliers; - advice and assistance in your work; - discounts and gifts for regular customers; - discounts for large orders (the cost is negotiated individually). Our company is developing and helping to realize the dreams of other beginning entrepreneurs. Each client who applies to our company will receive maximum attention and information.